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January 2020

HCT Sun is proud to announce that it has installed India’s first in-roof solar PV system. The 200-kWp system, installed in Pune, will provide the client with all the benefits of a solar PV system—and has also added a new roof to the facility. 


The system was developed using HCT Sun’s Opex business model. Through this model, the client has no capital expenditure, receiving a solar PV system as well as its new roof with zero investment.


The unique in-roof solution combines the traditional solar PV module mounting structures with roofing structures. Added benefits of the system include lower roof weight and a guarantee against any water leakages. The system is ideal for clients looking to replace their existing roof or build a new roof that is suitable for rooftop solar power generation.

HCT installs first in-roof solar PV plant in India

HCT installs first in-roof solar PV plant in India
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