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September 2021

HCT Sun makes Diwali memorable for seniors at home for the elderly


HCT Sun has commissioned a 137-kWp solar power plant for a cold storage facility in Thane. The project is part of HCT’s solutions for converting an industrial park into a green business destination.


The project will power up a major portion of the client’s operations, which involves cold storage of perishable food. While designing the project, HCT kept in mind the space constraints caused due to the specifications of the cold storage operations.


The project will help the customers to significantly reduce their power purchase costs. The client was looking to invest additional amounts into expanding their storage capacity; however, the expansion will now be partly funded by the cost savings from the solar project.


The project will generate solar power that will improve the client’s carbon footprint by reducing an equivalent CO2 emission of 175 tons/year and planting 2040 trees per year.

HCT commissions 137-kWp plant for cold storage
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