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November 2021

HCT Sun makes Diwali memorable for seniors at home for the elderly

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HCT Sun has commissioned a 378-kWp solar power plant for a leading global confectionery company. The project will power up the company facility, including its cold storage units, located in the outskirts of Mumbai.


Being a firm with a large global presence, the company was keen to use solar power as part of its corporate social responsibility activities. The company also wanted to highlight its sustainability initiatives to its investors and distributors. Thanks to HCT’s solutions, the company could do all of these without having to make any capital investments for the same.


The project will improve the client’s carbon footprint by reducing an equivalent CO2 emission of 482 tons/year and planting 5,600 trees per year. The project will power up around 70% of the client’s operations. 


While designing and implementing the project, HCT kept in mind stringent safety and hygiene specifications since the client is into the food-manufacturing business. As part of its project development processes, HCT installed several walkways, safety ladders and platforms to ensure that there is no damage to the client’s property. HCT also set up an inverter enclosure area in line with the client’s specifications on placement of electrical components.

HCT Sun powers up global confectioner with 378-kWp solar power project
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