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March 2021

HCT Sun makes Diwali memorable for seniors at home for the elderly


HCT Sun has added three new rooftop solar PV projects to its portfolio. These projects will power up a frozen food provider, plastics moulds manufacturer and the common amenities at a large industrial building, through 42 kWp, 33.22 kWp and 224.82 kWp projects, respectively.


The projects will jointly reduce CO2 emissions by 383 tons/year, and will be equivalent to planting 4458 trees every year.


The projects are part of HCT’s goals to provide solar power to businesses in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector. Through solar power, these customers can reduce their electricity bills without any upfront investment, and also contribute to India’s ‘go green’ initiatives.

HCT Sun expands footprint with three new projects
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