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Our People

HCT Sun is comprised of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge and skills in various fields, including but not limited to the Indian solar market, photo voltaic solar energy, finance, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, legislation and regulations, and more.


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Aryeh Glickman

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Aryeh Glickman is founder and CEO of HCT Sun. The former CEO of SEP Energy (India), he has over 14 years' hands-on experience managing renewable energy independent power production in India. In his previous roles, Mr. Glickman sold power directly to customers within India's Open Access regulations. He has experience in operating generating assets in the Indian environment, using Western-level maintenance norms in India to ensure maximum machine up time and production.

Mr. Glickman has worked extensively with regulators and Indian utilities to obtain necessary permits in a timely manner, gaining in-depth knowledge of how to tap local incentives for renewable energy.

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Robbie Diamond

Founding Member

Mr. Robbie Diamond is founder, president and CEO of Securing America's Future Energy (SAFE) and Electrification Coalition, two of the leading advocacy and EV development organization in U.S. He has served in this capacity since 2004.

Mr. Diamond has years of experience raising funding for projects. He works closely with the SAFE ESLC chairman, Fredric W. Smith, chairman, president and CEO of FedEx Corporation and General James Conway, 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Mr. Diamond also serves on the Boards of Rhombus Energy Solutions, an inverter company he helped found in 2012, and GridPoint, a leading energy management service company.


Louis Mayberg

Founding Member

Mr. Louis Mayberg is co-founder and principal advisor to ProShares and ProFunds, the exchange-traded and mutual funds where he served as president for 15 years until March 2012. 

He has over 30 years of experience in the financial services and investment industries and has created or rehabilitated numerous companies.

Among his recent activities are W2Fuel, a multi-state bio-chemical refinery, and Convergence Development, which focuses on inner-city urban renewal through home ownership by placing low-income working families into new affordable homes at a lower cost than renting.



Shraddha Naik

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Shraddha Naik is a chartered accountant, with more than 12 years of experience in handling finance activities in the power sector. Before joining HCT Sun, Ms. Naik worked at TATA Power, including in group units such as thermal and solar.

During her time at TATA Power, Shraddha helped secure funding worth $2.7 billion for India's first Ultra Mega Power project.

Her other achievements include leading acquisition of 30 MW wind project.

At TATA Power, she also evaluated M&A transitions and managed forex risks by hedging through short- and long-term cash flow management.

Vikrant Pathare.jpg

Vikrant Pathare

Chief Business Officer

Mr. Vikrant Pathare joins HCT Sun with over 21 years of business-to-business marketing and sales experience.

In his previous roles, he has led business development across various industries such as oil and gas, building materials and solar power projects. In these roles, he oversaw the entire sales cycle across India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Vikrant obtained his engineering degree from National Institute of Engineering, Mysore, and completed his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Goa Institute of Management.


Dhatchina Moorthy

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Moorthy holds a degree in engineering, and has more than 20 years of experience in the field, with a background in product development and R&D.

Mr. Moorthy served as head of R&D at Electromags, a unit of Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, Wadia Group. He has a great deal of experience in the field of renewable energy in a variety of spheres - generation, performance enhancement, regulation, and permitting. 

Before joining HCT, he was director and CEO of SEP Energy Pvt. Ltd. He specializes in adapting the latest technologies to existing projects, ensuring that assets are performing as efficiently as possible.

Business Development

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Sejo Jose


Nitin 03_edited.jpg

Nitin Bhokare

Area Manager


Roshan Ghewande_edited.jpg

Roshan Ghewande

Assistant Manager - Finance


Kishori Gaikwad

Assistant Manager - Finance


Megha Jadhav

Accounts Assistant Manager



Mary Rodrigues

Senior HR manager

& Office Front

Customer Service


Mayuri Veer

Assistant Manager - Monitoring & Customer Support



Kurush Karanjia

Head of Installation


Bharat Kumar

Site Manager


Somasundaram Balasubramanian

Site Manager


Rohit Shukla

Site Manager


Rakesh Kumar

Site Manager


Vijetha Jogu

Project Coordinator


Dillibabu Ravi

Manager - Production & Optimization


Amol Mohite

Permitting Manager &

Procurement Engineer

Prasad Ghadge - photograph for id (1)_edited.jpg

Prasad Ghadge

Senior Design Engineer


Ashraf Shah

Design Engineer


Priyanka Yadav

Admin - Purchase

Dhanraj Kasirajan - Photograph for ID (1)_edited.jpg

Dhanraj Kasirajan

Manager - Warehouse


Ravindra Torase

Junior Site Engineer


Rakesh Kasar

Junior Site Engineer


Tamil Arasan

Junior Site Engineer


Prashant Rajput

Junior Site Engineer

_DSC9439 - Copy_edited.jpg

Dipak Shinde

Junior Site Engineer


Shiva Parani

Junior Site Engineer


Pratik Thakur

Junior Site Engineer

_DSC9498 - Copy_edited.jpg

Suryakant Patne

O&M Technician


Mukesh Varma

O&M Technician


Ashutosh More

O&M Engineer


Gaurav Bhor

O&M Engineer

04 02.jpg

Vaibhav Shinde

O&M Engineer


Muthuraj Muthulingam

O&M Engineer

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