HCT Sun 


Based on extensive research and experience, HCT Sun has selected technologies that maximize efficiency and production and are best suited to India's conditions.

What We Offer

High-Efficiency Panels, built to work in India's warm environment. Our panels have low degradation, guaranteeing maximum production even years into the project​

Panel Structures that are lightweight and easy to assemble and do not require piercing the rooftop, avoiding leaks and other complications​

Smart Technology that places a premium on preventative maintenance and maximizes production

Remote Monitoring of the plant so that HCT Sun staff can be constantly monitoring the solar panels' function without disturbing the customer


As a US-owned company,  HCT Sun's goal is to offer rooftop-based solar power systems; to companies in India that otherwise would be unable to generate power, offering all of the benefits of renewable energy with zero investment.


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